MPs appeal to the government to halt hospitals from charging larges sums for Covid-19 treatment

Covid-19 treatment

Legislators through one of their unifying bodies, the Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Malaria has called upon the government to stop private medical facilities from charging high fees for Covid-19 treatment.

In their opinion, government could realize a statement in relation to the pending matter in which measures will be derived to enable patients infected with the Covid-19 virus to get the much required treatment.

While the country is in turmoil due to the second wave of Covid-19, some privately owned health facilities have decided to manipulate the situation by increasing on the treatment rates for their patients.

Reports indicate that currently, these medical facilities are charging patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit sums in between 2 million shillings and 5 million shillings for every single day.

As for other medical facilities, patients are necessitated to pay an upfront admission fee before getting any kind of treatment and this ranges in between UGX 5 million and UGX 10 million.

Such enormous sums are the reason Members of Parliament decided to appeal to government for something to be done. Many of them argue that these hospitals are cheating the poor and this shall only increase the death rates since people can’t afford those sums.

The section of MPs also cried out about the inter-district travel ban which they say has given security operatives the capacity to even brutalize people suffering from other diseases yet they are in pursuit of better health services.

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However, yesterday’s Presidential address clearly gave green lights to inter-district travels only for sick patients which means for now onwards, security personnel should not lay a finger on people traveling for medical reasons.

As for the hospitals charging fees higher than necessary, all we have so far is a demand for an apology from the Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng as she asks the hospitals to apologize to patients.

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