Most s3xi3st Ugandan female musicians

Uganda is a land of absolute beauty flowing in everything she possesses. When it comes to the music industry, like it or not we have some of the most beautiful and s3xiest female musicians that will leave you smitten.

Without wasting much time let’s take a look at Uganda’s s3xiest female singers.

Carol Nantongo

She might not be mainstream so much as the rest on the list but she’s absolutely gorgeous.

No wonder she hangs out with the likes of Lydia Jazmine, Sheebah and Nwagi because birds of the same feathers flock together.

Sheebah Karungi

No doubt about Sheebah’s hotness and s3xiness as this has become one of her trademarks.

From her music videos to her daily activities, the self styled queen karma exudes a huge amount of s3xiness.

And she doesn’t shy away from exposing her flesh a thing that has pulled her more fans especially male ones.

Spice Diana

Do you like it petite and portable, well Namukwaya Hajarah has got you covered.

Spice Diana has always made sure to tease her fans with her sweet s3xy body which leaves guys horny with spears growing in their loins.

The Kokonya singer indeed has a s3xy body and we can’t help to keep admiring and wishing we were her undies or clothes to just feel that body even for a micro second.

Winnie Nwagi

Winfred Nakanwagi has you covered if you like it curvaceous and bigger.

The Swangz Avenue singer knows that she’s extremely s3xy and burns like the Sahara desert.

No wonder she can afford to walk flaunting her bum cheeks to whoever cares to see.

She’s a goddess and she’s not selfish because she always shows how crazy and naughty she is with raunchy dance moves and erotic pics on social media.

Lydia Jazmine

Nabawanukka Lydia is a the sun goddess because she brightens up even the darkest room with her s3xy eyes and smile.

The Masukka singer has everything in proper shape from body to beauty and skin color which she’s never bleached.

There is no doubt about her being Uganda’s most s3xiest singer at the moment.

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