More than half of vulnerable Ugandans received the COVID-19 relief cash

More than half of vulnerable Ugandans received the COVID-19 relief cash

As of July 20th, more that half of the vulnerable Ugandans had received the COVID-19 relief cash through mobile money as promised by government.

Basing on reports, 413,504 vulnerable Ugandans had already received the relief fund which can translate to 82.5% of the Ugandans that had registered and qualify under the category of vulnerable Ugandans.

This money is meant to relieve Ugandans from the devastating impacts of the second lockdown that was imposed back in June that also saw the total shutdown of the country’s economy.

So far, out of the UGX 53.5 billion that was meant to be distributed to the vulnerable Ugandans through their Mobile money accounts, UGX 41,350,400,000 has already been given to the population of registered vulnerable Ugandans.

Unlike the previous lockdown in which relief was offered through food stuffs such as maize flour and beans, this time round, the government resorted to sending vulnerable Ugandans COVID-19 relief cash to help them survive the impacts of Covid-19.

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Reasons behind this action relate to the fact that during the previous lockdown, there were multiple irregularities which saw a lot of mishandling in relation to the items that were meant to be donated.

In a bid to erase such mistakes out of the system of add distribution, the government decided to embrass the monetary way of dealing with the pandemic by sending every individual that falls under the brackets of vulnerable a sum of UGX 100,000.

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