More n#des of Tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel to be leaked

Newly appointed Victoria University brand ambassador Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has started off in high gear. The famous cookie vendor came out yesterday to threaten Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa that she will release more n#des of him if he doesn’t leave her name out of his mouth.

This was after Lwasa said that he can’t sleep with a person like Bad Black after she alleged some time back that the tycoon wanted to bed her.

Mama Jonah even showed off a mobile message from Lwasa to her of 150k.

Lwasa however said that he had given Bad Black the money just for food because she was over begging him.

Bad Black decided to fire shots back saying that she will release Lwasa’s n#des if he’s not careful.

“I don’t like wasting my time discussing that useless old man. He wanted to sleep with me but he couldn’t afford my price since he’s very broke nowadays. He should stop saying that he gifted the 150k to me because I’m not his sister. If he’s not careful I will release more of his n#des,” Bad Black warned Lwasa.

She added that she’s not the type to make accusations without proof telling him to go and ask Salvado how she white washed him.

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