Momo 19 confirms her break Up with Daxx Kartel

MoMo 19 and Daxx Kartel confirm wedding dates

The rate at which celebrity marriage couples are breaking up these days is really alarming. This comes after former BBS TV presenter Momo 19 took to her social media pages to confirm that her marriage with singer Daxx Kartel is over.

Weeks back rumors had circulated of how the once-glamorous couple was no more after Momo 19 took to her social media pages and uploaded Sasha Brighton’s song “Kambiite” loosely translated as let me give up
Amidst all these rumors, Daxx Kartel hit the studio and recorded a song titled “Wagaba enswa zange” meaning you served out my ants which people took as a major dig at his wife.

However, both parties denied the rumors when approached by different sources citing they were still together and doing just fine.
But as they say there is no smoke without fire, the fire erupted yesterday when Momo took to her social media pages and posted of how she’s single and emphasized it.

Prior to this couple’s collapse, they had done a Kukyala a few months back but numerous allegations took centre stage in their relationship.
 There was a rumor of Momo 19 cheating on the “Baala” singer with wealthy men whom she meets abroad plus denying to get pregnant for the singer. 

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The latter is said to have got Daxx Kartel who reportedly retaliated by getting Momo’s close friend a one Ashira pregnant. Their confirmation of breaking up comes just a few days after another celebrity couple of Daddy Andre and Nina Roz called it quits in their marriage this week.

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