MOH introduces WhatsApp line for coronavirus FAQs


Kenyan Ministry of Health (MOH) introduced a new method which the people of Kenya can always use to make inquiries. In addition, concerning the deadly coronavirus global pandemic. Mr. Rashid Aman the health CAS said the new WhatsApp platform is an automated chatbot that is dedicated to handling frequently asked questions. In addition, on the issues concerning the COVID-19 in real-time.

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“The government has launched a WhatsApp bot platform which will contain all the information on coronavirus. This will help to improve our communication to quickly respond to the queries concerning the coronavirus.

Rashid Aman on the WhatsApp

Therefore the citizens should always send questions to the WhatsApp number 011 071 9719. In addition, we embedded a simple self-diagnostic tool to provide us with information on coronavirus according to the request from the public. Therefore I continue to call upon all Kenyans to always get the latest updates and also learn how to use this platform,” Rashid Aman said.

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Rashid Aman on the Traditional herbalists.

For example, if you look at the use of traditional herbs and herbs. We want to warn Kenyans that many of the products that exist have no scientific evidence of their effectiveness … and we know that some may want to take advantage of these conditions by purifying the products that claim their effectiveness. We want to ask Kenyans not to succumb to these scandals

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