Mockery: Kenyan asks Uganda an exchange of Bebe Cool with their Eric Omondi

Bebe Cool and Eric Omondi - Commedian

A one Alex Kirui from Nairobi Kenya, came out yesterday and asked Ugandans to help and allow an exchange of the popular Ugandan Musician Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool with their Eric Omondi.

The humble request has sparked the fire on social media with most Ugandans accepting the give away of Bebe Cool and others denying it but instead suggest to give away Full Figure and Bajjo.

According to Muwanguzi Josh Kingz, how dare you take Uganda’s rubbish and give them your trash?.

“I would rather stay with our idiot coz its well known that he is a BABY FOOL than taking descriptions of stupidity. “Kenyans should mind their businesses. Ug is small enough, we can handle all the challenges. “FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY”,” he abusively reacted on a social media post.

Mansa Musa declined Kirui’s request for receiving Omondi but instead take Bebe Cool and also retain their comedian Omondi.

“No thanks take bebe cool and keep omondi 4 u’r selves plse we appreciate,” Musa reacted.

The abusive reactions follow Bebe Cool’s political controversies in media and other platforms on Uganda’s politics and other country’s affairs which he always relates to Bobi Wine’s political position.

The Leader of the silent majority has since faced a tuff stage from Bobi Wine’s supporters hating him for sidelining with the National Resistance Movement (NRM), President Museveni and spreading hate speeches on the Opposition Leader Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

Mugeni Ronnie was happy for Kirui’s idea and suggested that Kenya can as well scoop off Jeniffer Full Figure, Basajja Mivule, Ashbag Kato and Bajjo for free.

Janny Joy Ntege told Kirui that Ugandans are even ready to add bonus on Bebe Cool to go to Kenya.

“Are you joking?..we r more than ready, bonus inclusive. pliz don’t change your mind I begooooo,” Janny Ntege requested Kenya.

As negotiations went ahead, some Ugandans also rejected Omondi and instead requested for Otile Brown a Kenyan Musician.

Ochayi Steven: Please come for this idiot man, but we need Otile Brown not omondi.

Olinga Jamo: We shall add you some money for bebefool because it will be an advantage to us we are tired of this fool.

Nakigozi Elizabath: We are freely giving him to you in exchange for nothing, we are even adding you Ronald Mayinja, Full Figure, Catherine Kusaasira, Baraam, etc in case you want more useful idiots just inform us we have reserves.

Dezu Lenzuela: Just give us the location all expenses will be ours we just want to make sure that we deliver him to the right place sibyakumalayo Banga tono ate akomewo – translating – “not to spend their little time and he comes back”.

“We don’t need anything in return take him for free 2, take Ssekandi and Katumba for Omondi En Azzaid1, We give u bebecool and fullfigure please dont give us anything in case u want money too we shall add u,” Kabiito Pharidah, Djsin-kery Daspinmadnes Pro, Ropheka Michael wrapped up.

It became war on social media between the supporters of Bebe Cool and those Bobie Wine abusing every step of each party’s action.

However, it is beyond when it comes to Bobi Wine’s supporters abusing Bebe Cool.

Who is Bebe Cool?

Bebe Cool is an African reggae and ragga musician from Uganda. He started his career around 1997 in Nairobi, Kenya, but moved back to his native country a few years later. Bebe Cool was one of the first artists affiliated with Ogopa DJs, a production house and record label in Kenya.

He is also the CEO for Gagamel Band which is a Ugandan reggae and pop band formed in December 1978 in Kampala, Uganda.

The band has had more than 50 singles in the Uganda Singles Chart, and has also achieved considerable international success.

Eric Omondi Ongao popularly known as Eric Omondi (born September 17, 1977) is a former Kenyan international footballer.

He was born in Kondele, Kenya on March 9, 1985. Kenyan comedian who posts satirical and musical comedy videos to his YouTube channel.

He has amassed over 280,000 subscribers on his YouTube account. He impersonated Michael Jackson in his YouTube video “Be the Highlander”. He first began posting to YouTube in March 2015.

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