Ministry of Health resumes administering the Covid-19 jab

Ministry of Health (MOH) - Covid-19 Vaccination at Kololo Independence grounds to be suspended this week

The Ministry of Health has this week officially resumed administering the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine to the people who got the first jab of the AstraZeneca vaccine earlier this year.

Guidelines set by the health Ministry indicate that for an individual to get the vaccine, they ought to have spent at least twelve weeks since they attained the first vaccine against the virus.

Although the initial ticket to getting the second vaccine was an eight weeks duration from the time you got the first vaccine, the time frame changed thanks to the fact that the country has insufficient Covid-19 vaccines.

Since the country was able to secure a limited number of vaccines, whoever was vaccinated the first time at least twelve weeks prior has been adviced to get the vaccine a second time so as to protect themselves.

Essential workers shall also be highly considered during the administration of this vaccine especially health workers and other workers that are at the forefront of the fight against the world wide pandemics.

Since the surge in numbers of people affected by the deadly coronavirus, it is wise to take all possible precautions so as to protect oneself from possibly contracting the deadly Covid-19. Always wear your mask, social distance and in case of any symptoms, seek medical care as well as self isolate.

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For everybody that is qualifies to attain the Covid-19, please go to the closed designated point close to you so that you can get your Covid-19 jab to protect yourself from contracting the deadly virus.

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