Ministry of Education – Schools should not charge parents more than 60% when students report for special term

Ministry of Education - Schools should not charge parents more than 60% when students report for special term

The Ministry of Health has warned schools against charging parents more than 60% when the semi-candidates report to school for a special term.

Semi-candidates in the classes of Primary Six, Senior Three and Senior Five were expected to report of June 7th, however, due to the resurgence of Covid-19, schools were temporarily closed down.

While speaking to media, the Education Ministry Permanent Secretary Alex Kakooza says the academic calendar will be adjusted accordingly and schools should not charge parents anything more than 60%.

This is attributed to the fact that students shall spend approximately six and a half weeks at school which is less than the initial amount of time as term run and hence this should reflect on the dues they are meant to pay.

“P6, S3, and S5 who were expected to report on June 7 for a special term, will report and pay fees proportionate to the shorter term. For the avoidance of doubt, no school should charge more than 60 percent of the standard fees,” informed the Education Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Alex Kakooza.

As for Senior One and Senior two students whose term was cut short due to covid-19, he says that they shall complete the remaining term without paying any additional fees especially if they had a zero balance before the term was interrupted.

He also said the same applies to students whose schools were used as Uganda National Examinations Board marking centers.

In relation to the 42-days lockdown, adjustments have been made so that students that were meant to have returned to school on 7th June shall report back on 19th July 2021 alongside Senior One students.

This group shall study for six weeks and a half to break off on 3rd September. 20th September has therefore been set as the date when academic year 2021 shall officially commence although it was earlier set for August 9th.

However, Dr Tony Mukasa Lusambu, an education consultant says we need a better plan for our education sector since we are not sure if at the end of the 42 days schools will be opened and students shall go back to studying.

“Adjustments can be made and we put short time intervention. However, no one is tall enough to see the future and tell us that after 42 days schools will reopen as planned. We need a broader and better plan for our education sector,” Dr Lusambu said.

He advised that the Ministry of education should get a group of experts to think of ways that they can get long time plans to sustain the education sector instead of sticking to firefighting methods.

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