Meeting of the vocalists as Naava Grey and Bruno K team up

When it comes to vocal prowess in Uganda, there is no doubt that Bruno K and Naava Grey sit at the helm of this chart. And what would be more interesting than these vocal maestros piecing up something together.

Guess what!! They finally did it and it’s a breathtaking song that music lovers will absolutely love. The song titled ‘Aliwa’ was just recently released a few days ago and it’s a real masterpiece.

Both singers are known to drop a few fabulous songs and leave their fans yearning for more a strategy that has really worked well for them.

Bruno K so far is enjoying one of the stellar years of his career. He teamed up with Daddy Andre on their smash hit “Omuwala” that is still enjoying massive airplay. He was also vocal in the scenario where veteran judge Alex Mukulu embarrassed young dancers from the Real Dance Crew. He went ahead to look and collaborate with them.

Naava Grey on the other hand does not need any introduction when it comes to releasing soul touching love ballads. Her songs such as “Aliba Wani”, “Ninga omuloge” are just classics that tend to get better and fresher with time.

It is excusable to say that whatever she touches turns into gold.

This new song will leave you yearning for more collaborations between the two and wanting to hear more from

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