Meet Ghana’s dancing Pallbearers – The last paragraph shocked me

Ghana's dancing Pallbearers

Get to know Ghana’s dancing pallbearers. If you are an internet addict, then I am pretty sure you have seen them on the internet. They are six men in black suits, patent leather shoes, and sunglasses dancing to a techno beat while carrying a coffin.

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Ghana’s dancing pallbearers are commonly known for performing at funerals. In addition, they have come a long way and very known for putting smiles on mourners to get through grief. However, these pallbearers have become very famous during this global coronavirus pandemic. In addition, they have become accidental faces during this lockdown. Many people have edited their comedic grim reapers into footage of a deadly behavior to signal a warning.

Ghana’s dancing pallbearers have appeared in the following scenarios well edited-:

  • Someone opening a mall when COVID-19 cases are mounting
  • If someone forgets to wash hands before eating
  • Also, if someone is protesting from a potential COVID-19 places

Therefore people from various parts of the world, for example, China, Brazil, the USA, and the rest of the world have shared the video after video. In addition, ever since the COVID-19 outbreak started. This attracted millions of clicks and also became so viral thus increasing their international fan base.

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Who is the leader of Ghana’s dancing pallbearers?

dancing pallbearers

Benjamin Aido is the leader of the group. He lives in Accra in the capital of Ghana. “I woke up one morning in March and found his creative idea all over the internet. In addition, I am also not sure how this happened,” Benjamin Aidoo said.

“The 32-year-old said it’s really funny because people are saying they would rather stay home than have us bury them,” Benjamin Aido added. However, there is a viral video of Colombian police mimicked his footwork in this month. In addition, as they put a coffin on their shoulders while moving through the city of Quibdo. Therefore, urging the people to keep at home, with Aidoo’s guys issuing in both French and Portuguese saying, stay home or dance with us.

The dancing pallbearers have been mentioned for at least 60,000 times this month on twitter by the English-speaking twitter users. Therefore this beats the record they had before in their previous history.

Ghanaians have for a long time now featured dancing at funerals. In addition, every time people died of natural death in old age, it was rare to find a funeral without drums and other musical instruments.

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