Meet AY Poyoo, I’m the Goat everybody washout singer

AY Poyoo

The Entertainment industry brings news to our eyes every day and whatever it gives looks interesting to watch or even listen. Therefore let us introduce you to the freshest talent in Africa. AY Poyoo is a first rising rapper from Accra, Ghana who was recently bought to most people’s screens when he released his video of “I’m The Goat,”.

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This has caught many people’s attention and has as well been hitting rounds on all social media platforms. In addition, say Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, and others like YouTube making 500k views in just two weeks.

It’s unique that AY Poyoo doesn’t dress like every other rapper in fancy clothes or drive expensive cars, he does exactly the opposite. He shaved his head bald like an egg, rarely puts on a shirt, and has a rough African ascent when it comes to speaking English but his music is fast rising and he is doing many songs as he can while still in the limelight.

AY Poyoo
Singer AY Poyoo

The rapper who claims is the G.O.A.T a term commonly used by football fans to refer to the “Greatest of All Time” has released songs like Washout Africa telling us to watch out. In addition, we Good, Swimming pull plus a collaboration with One love the kubolor called Alcoholics. The biography of AY Poyoo will be out soon on this site and make sure you check on us in a few but for the meantime enjoy his THE GOAT video below,

The Goat HD video by AY Poyoo [Courtesy]

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