Media personalities who ask female singers for s3x exposed by Naira Ali

Female Afro Zouk singer Naira Ali through her Facebook page revealed media personalities that any upcoming female singer should avoid.

This is because these always ask for s3x in return for their music to he played.

The Sikyalinda singer said that she feels sorry for these upcoming artists because it was written in the stars as they will have to be chewed no matter what.

Among these media personalities who like over begging for these artists goodies include Dembe FM’s DJ Jacob Omutuze and Dikteta Mark.

“Nsasira omwana omuwala ayagala oku joininga music industry,hoo! Kubano ba Dikteta Mark ba Djjacob Omutuuze ne ba Dj Nick of this industry,they will chew you for free.bali balisibwa!
Lero mwalinye yamajje,munvuma mutya obumpi ne nempumi! 🤣🤣” Naira Ali posted.

For some time now a number of male media personalities have been accused of preying on these desperate artists.

These end up coercing them into intimacy even when its clearly against their will.

Its not only these media personalities but also song producers and writers.

A number of upcoming female singers some time ago accused singer/producer Daddy Andre of coercing them into intercourse.

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