Mc Kapale girlfriend denies knowing him as Kwanjula Ceremony nears

A certain lady appeared in the media embarrassing comedian MC Kapale as she said that she’s the face on his Kwanjula invitation cards.

And according to her, she doesn’t know anything about the ceremony that Kapale is organizing.

Besides even the names and all the details about her on the card are false.

However, when Kapale got wound of this, he came out to verbally crash this woman.

He said that he has ever dated this woman but dumped her in 2019 because of her manners.

First of all she was dirty and couldn’t organize his house whenever she came over.

Besides, she wasn’t good in bed and couldn’t shave her cookie and always wanted money from him.

Kapale also accused this woman as one who was sleeping around with different men especially after his friend told him he had smashed her.

“I dated that woman in 2019 but we broke up. She was so dirty and yet she wanted my money. She used to come to my place and leave it so dirty without doing any chores and still ask for money. I one day visited my friend with her and he told me that he has ever slept with her. I decided to leave her because I didn’t trust my friend’s health status. This woman besides wasn’t good in bed and doesn’t even shave as an adult person,” Kapale said.

The comedian further said that this woman is jealous because he’s going to marry another woman.

Another comedian known as Senga Ssebanga said that Kapale’s Kwanjula is not a stunt and has his woman.

Its however the jilted many women Kapale dated in the past that are tying to foil his marriage plans.

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