Mbale Regional Referral Hospital health worker arrested for stealing 40 oxygen cylinders

Mbale Regional Referral Hospital health worker arrested for stealing 40 oxygen cylinders

A doctor attached to Mbale Regional Referral Hospital is under police custody for allegedly stealing 40 oxygen cylinders. Allegedly, the medical practitioner stole the cylinders and took them to his privately owned Life General Clinic and Laboratory that is located in Nkoma ward, Industrial city division approximately four kilometers from the hospital.

Upon learning this, police not only arrested the clinic’s proprietor who is also they key suspect but also recovered one of the oxygen cyclinders and also incarcerated one of the workers at the said clinic.

Mr. Rogers Taitika, the Elgon Region police spokesperson confirmed the incident and said that detectives are working around the clock to come up with a proper explanation on how the cyclinders were taken from the Referral Hospital.

“We started our investigations and we received intelligence information that the cylinders were stolen and taken to a private health facility. The search was conducted and one oxygen cylinder of 50 liters was recovered from the Life General Clinic and Laboratory in Nkoma, “Mr Taitika informed.

Additionally, he said the suspects are currently undergoing investigation at the Mbale Central Police Station.

However, sources at the hospital that spoke to local media informed that these cyclinders were actually stolen last year in April, as they went on to say; “There’s a problem in that hospital and we request higher authorities to intervene.”

Dr. Emmanuel Tugaineyo, the Director of Mbale Regional Referral Hospital on the other hand told media he did not know about any stolen oxygen cyclinders until he was questioned about the cyclinders in question.

“Do you think that I’m always aware of everything that happens here?” replied the director when contacted by a reporter through a phone call.

This is the second case of medical personnel stealing equipment meant for the public from hospitals in just a week. Recently, an Entebbe medical practitioner was arrested for selling Covid-19 vaccines yet there’s still a vacuum and questions about how hospital administration never know what’s happening under their nose.

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