Mat Tee tells Ugandan artists to ask for food instead of free music shows

Mat Tee

Uganda’s number one social media influencer MAT TEE has advised artists to ask for relief food. In addition, following their ultimatum of 21days to the president to free music shows!!!!

Through his Facebook page, he wrote a lengthy post where he advised them to ask for food instead of wasting time crying like kids…

Fortebet Uganda

“Simanyi oba nze musiru naye waliwo ebintu bye ndaba nga byakuyisabuyisa budde. How can you give an ultimatum of 21days to president to free music shows!!!!

We should get serious please. Schools are still closed, Churches and Mosques still shut ngonyumya music shows!!!! Bear in mind that schools and places of worship are more organized than music concerts. Let’s concentrate on things that can workout instead of straining our minds on issues that won’t yield. Recently (Last Friday) you had organized a meeting at Calendar, you all know what happened…

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Dear artistes be brave and strategic enough, ask for food and other necessities (support) from the Government instead of wasting your time crying for re-opening of bars, clubs, and other recreation centers. Sisuubira nti okutamiira kusinga okusoma kw’abaana n’okusinza…..

If you are not mistaken before the closure of places of worship, president called and sat with religious leaders. Did he call your leaders before music shows were banned? That’s a clear indicator that places of worship are more essential than entertainment…

Kaninde ndabe abayimbi ne ba comedians abagenda okuwagira enteekateeka eno awo wengenda okutegeerera entegeera y’abayimbi baffe nebanakatemba,” Mat posted.

Who is MAT TEE?

Mat Tee

Mat Tee is a Ugandan social media (digital) influencer, entertainment micro-blogger, Actor/comedian, short playwright, Journalist, and teacher born on 23rd August 1991 in Masaka.

MAT TEE holds a diploma in Journalism and Media Studies (DJMS) and a Diploma in Primary Education obtained from Kyambogo University.

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