Martha Kay on the verge of recovering her stolen Range Rover


Social media comedienne Martha Kay has delivered good news to her followers after she revealed that she’s on the verge of locating her Range Rover which was stolen this week.

Taking to her Twitter page, Martha said that she was excited as Realtime Tracking Uganda is helping her to locate the car.

An excited Martha said that this car had a tracker and there is hope that she will recover it.

Martha yesterday revealed how she was having some of the toughest time ever in her life.

This is after brand new monstrous Range Rover car she had possessed for just two weeks had been stolen.

The NXT FM presenter added that she couldn’t believe what she was going through as it was a total nightmare.

Martha in the past couple of days has been flaunting her car which even had some people beefing her.

Others said that it was just bought for her by her sugar daddy as she doesn’t have the ability of buying one herself.

However, whatever the case it was her car and hopefully it’s recovered.

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