Mark Asiimwe reveals why he parted ways with Robinah Kisti


Veteran media personality Robinah Kisti this week shockingly revealed how she had parted ways with hubby Mark Asiimwe over unclear circumstances.

In her Snapchat she said that she was now officially single and not searching.

This is because there were certain things in her marriage that she couldn’t torelate.

However these had hoped her to pick up life changing lessons going forward.

“I guess it ended in tears! There is just some sh*t I can’t take! We live and we learn, thank you God for this lesson and a new chapter. Single and not searching,” she wrote on Snapchat.

In his submission, Asiimwe who was yet to speak to the media said that his wife had become a menace due to he vices.

He pointed her constant waking up when they are asleep just to take snaps.

Besides, she also likes competing with other women yet she can’t match their standards since she has no work.

Asiimwe further added that she lives in a life of self denial as she can’t deal with her past trauma.

Additionally, he told her that although she’s beautiful, she has to tame her mouth which is bound to land her into troubles.

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