Man in Rubanda district burns wife and children to death in his own house

Man in Rubanda district burns wife and children to death in his own house

Tragedy befell Rubanda district on Saturday night when a man set his house on fire and subsequently claimed the lives of his wife and three children.

The suspect was identified by Kigezi regional police mouthpiece Elly Matte as 45-year-old Armstrong Vian a business made that claimed the lives of his family by setting his home on fire.

His late wife has been identified as Loviah Muheki, a 43 year old while the three children that lost their lives during their father’s tragic act were of various ages seeing as the eldest was 17, then a 15 year old and the youngest only five years of age.

Kigezi regional police spokesperson Elly Matte informed media that the unfortunate events happened on Saturday night at around 11:30 on in Habutobere village, Butare parish, Muko sub-county, Rubanda district.

In a narration by the police mouthpiece, the suspect had been seen at the petrol station earlier that day from where he bought fuel. Little did they know, the fuel was meant to consume the lives of Armstrong’s family.

“On the fateful day, he was sighted at a fuel station buying fuel. When he reached home, he locked the family members inside the house, poured petrol and set it on fire,” Matte informed media.

Allegations point out that the awful incident was a result of an ongoing family wrangle that was a result of the family man marrying a second wife. Due to building tensions, the first family, both mother and children were set on fire.

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“It’s alleged that they had family wrangles for long that caused the man to marry a second wife,” the police spokesperson said additionally.

Currently, the suspect is on run and police are doing everything in their power to arrest him. So that they have a better stand while investigating into the matter to establish the actual cause of his inhumane act.

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