Makerere University School of Law to increase admissions from 300 to 500

makerere university school of law

Makerere University School of Law has decided to increase admissions from the usual 300 to 500 upon completion of the construction of the new building.

Yesterday, during the launch of the construction of the School’s building, an announcement was made about the intention to increase the intake upon completion of the construction process.

After the University Council allocated UGX 7.3 billion to the School for the construction of a new building meant to accommodate both the student body and the teaching staff hence prompting the decision by the School.

Basing on the Principal of Law School, Professor Christopher Mbazira, previously, the school was limited by space which forced them to admit only 300 students but once the building is complete, the intake shall increase.

Additionally, he informed that most of the school’s structures are in sorry states and this has been the case since 1971 to a point that even city authorities highlighted the weakness of the school.

“Since 1971, we have not had any major infrastructure overhaul so this will enhance our capacity to train more lawyers. For now, we have a population of 1,000 students and an academic population of 40,” Prof. Mbazira informed the media.

And it is on these grounds that he emphasized the point of the school lacking the capacity to increase both the academic staff as well as the students’ population due to limited poor-quality infrastructure.

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“As you can see, our infrastructure doesn’t allow us to increase the number of students or even expand the faculty. Once the new structure is complete, we shall expand both the staff and student population,” he said additionally.

Despite the fact that many of the top judicial officials in the country went through the Makerere Law School, nothing has been done to help with the dilapidated structures the school has been harboring for long.

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