Makerere Sex scandal: another implicated, suspended

In a letter dated 17/04/2018 from Office of the Vice Chancellor, Mr. Kisuze Edward has been suspended from Makerere University​ service on a half pay with immediate effect to allow a smooth investigation on the matter.

Mr. Kisuze Edward a Senior Administrative Assistant at the Ivory Tower is alleged to have sexually harassed Ms. Njeroge Recheal, a student at the same university

This comes after Ms. Njegore Recheal revealed the all details to BBC. Since the story, pictures of Njeroge, including a rather explicit one of herself and Mr. Kisuze in his office have circulated allover social media, thereby getting to the top university top management officials.

Mr. Kisuze Edward “going down” on Njegore.

When she made it into one of Africa’s most prestigious universities, the future looked bright for Njeroge. Sexual harassment was the least of what she expected, but you never know what the future holds…

“A lecturer told me that he would help me with class work. I called him and requested an appointment on Monday before class. He insisted I meet him on Sunday,” Njeroge confessed to the BBC. At their agreed appointment time, he was not at the location.

“When he eventually arrived, he asked me to follow him. That is how he tricked me into going to his house,” she narrates.

Mixed reactions from students have been aired both on social media and even during the ongoing strike at the university.

Efforts to reach the Vice Chancellor, Mr. Nawangwe have all been futile as the only information from his end has been the letter of suspension.

Our journalists are closely following the story and details to follow as they unfold.

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