Makerere Dominates UNSA Elections, Burobuto Voted President

Mr Yamurebire Burobuto Jothan, the Makerere guild speaker was yesterday voted for Uganda National Students Association (UNSA) president in an election conducted at Ediofe Girls School in Arua district.

Borubuto won the presidential seat with 123 votes against his closest rivals Abu Baker and Bukyana Julius who garnered 87 and 86 votes respectively.

For many years, Burobuto who has had a brighter career in the university politics, served as the GRC for the school of law in the 79th Guild during his first year with the most votes in the race, he also served as the President for Makerere Law Society (MLS) in the 80th Guild, and elected for the 81st Guild speakership in the Bala Bwiruka’s government.


Mr Yamurebire Jothan Burobuto who was yesterday elected UNSA president.


He was also the 82nd Prime Minister under Sembogas government however, he resigned for the East African Legislative Assembly EALA seat where the 24 year old, did not make through the committee and returned to Makerere politics where he is serving as the speaker for 83rd guild or Kato Paul government.

He also took over the guild presidency during the prolonged clash between Semboga Roy and Bazil Mwotta election crisis.

He (Borubuto) a law student at Makerere University replaces Ms Nakandi Winifred, the former Kyambogo University Vice President under Mr Lugalavu Lawrence’s government.

After securing the presidential seat, Makerere continued to tighten its grip on national students’ leadership body (UNSA) taking major positions of both presidency and vice presidency plus the finance seat.

Ms Lakisa Mercy Faith, the former Makerere guild presidential contestant voted as the bodys’ vice president with 124 polls against her contiguous opponent Ms Kish Patricia who managed 52 votes.

Others include, Ms Bayiga Shadia, the former GRC and Complex Hall chairlady who is also an ex- Makerere female representative to UNSA who received 179 votes to manage the UNSA’s financial resources for a period of a year.

UNSA is an Umbrella organisation for all students in post primary institutions in Uganda and Ugandan students studying abroad. Its operations are supported by the Parliamentary Education Act 2008 Part VI Section 30 that mandates the establishment of Students Councils in post primary institutions.

Since inception in 1988, UNSA has focused on the welfare and educational advancement of students by advocating for a gender sensitive congenial environment that ensures the achievement of their education pursuit.

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