Mak Guild Race: NRM camp gains strength as Papa Were, Kinene investigated

The National Resistance Movement – NRM camp has gained strength after they resorted to door to door strategy.

Miss Prize Ahimbisibwe the NRM flag bearer in the guild race has created panic to her counterparts in the guild race.

The NRM camp resorted to one on one mobilisation in Kikoni, Nakulabye,  Wandegeya and Kikumi-Kikumi Makerere residents which has gained them popularity ahead of others in the race.

Last week the University Management postponed guild elections citing students EC incompetence and hooliganism among rival camps.

The administration at least disqualified two candidates Silver Kent and Bayube Bruno for lack of academicr credentials and banned all EC activities including open air campaigns.

However, the NRM party’s Ahimbisibwe took the advantage of the door to door strategy making her camp powerful.

The administration also investigates the manner in which Papa Were, the FDC leaning candidate and Kinene Edward Ssemakula made it to the nomination list.

Their counterparts allege that the two candidates bribed the students EC for their way to the guild race.

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