Majakira Sedrick issues the latest update on Covid-19

Majakira Sedrick

Majakira Sedrick has today joined the entire world through his Organisation to fight the widespread of Covid-19. He is the Executive Director of Iganga University Students and Youth Association. The purpose of this NGO is to empower all the youths in and around this country through community outreach.

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“On the current trend of issues, we are being faced with a global health issue, a pandemic called the coronavirus also known as the COVID-19. COVID-19 stands for Corona Virus Disease 2019. COVID-19 is a set of new severe acute respiratory syndrome which apparently has no cure,” Majakira Sedrick said.

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Majakira Sedrick
Majakira Sedrick right and other stakeholders of Iganga University Students and Youth Association

“In addition, it can lead to devastating effects on the entire human race. Among the effects is the death of so many people like we have seen in Italy and China. However, luckily all this can be prevented so there is totally no need for us to worry and panic a lot.

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This is because whatever the situation is, we will definitely go through it making us better versions of who we were before,” Majakira Sedrick added.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Uganda have laid down precautions. In addition, and measures to enable us to go through this pandemic. I will definitely reecho their messages by calling upon fellow countrymen/women and young people to closely follow these precautions that have been put in place especially effectively washing our hands with soap, avoiding public gatherings and keeping at home.

Then to the students especially the university students, this moment to you feels more like a merry moment for you to visit friends. In addition, family, and lovers but I strongly recommend that you don’t use these times to do what pleases you. However, rather follow the precautions the ministry is putting aside for us, stay home. In conclusion, actually look out for your relatives by keeping them updated about the new developments. In addition, and guidelines the government will continuously put up in case things get out of hand.


Wash your hands and stay at home

Majakira Sedrick

Executive Director

Iganga University Students and Youth Association


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