Lynda Ddane and Lydia Jazmine busted, caught on camera kissing and making out

Interesting how social media has been able to keep us updated with the things that we wouldn’t know our favorite celebrities and crushes are doing.

Well it seems like after failing to find men to satisfy their needs, entertainers Lydia Jazmine and Lynda Ddane have decided to date and feast on each other.

A photo moment that captured the two in a Kampala hangout spot shows them kissing on the lips.

They seem quite lost in this deep passionate kiss and can’t seem to let go of each other.

This has kept netizens confused about the nature of their relationship but many are already speculating on how the two feast on each other’s beans.

The Masukka singer has been in the music industry for about 11 years but has never showed off a man. She’s always maintained how her career comes first adding that the man and marriage will come later.

Shes been linked to the likes of Fik Fameica, Grenade Official, Rabadaba among others but these are just rumors.

On the other hand the sexy goddess Lynda Ddane ha also never showed off a boyfriend despite being a dropping bombshell.

Perhaps just as we all crush on the two divas, they also crush on themselves and decided to chew themselves before we could fancy our chances.

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