Lydia Jazmine not happy with the Bebe Cool list and awards

Musicians will always trash awards, bloggers and other music stakeholders claiming its their fans that matter but feel disappointed when their efforts are not appreciated.

Songstress Lydia Jazmine is the latest to express her disappointment in not being recognized by recent awards and other music stakeholders.

She took to her social media handles to express her disappointment after being overlooked by many in the previous year.

The Masukka singer said that she had a blockbuster year with 4 full action packed songs.

These however were overlooked by many yet she’s one of the top 4 female singers in the country.

Jazmine however thanked her fans for the support showed towards her for 2021 and promised a dangerous 2022.

“Today, we end yet another difficult year for the music industry but I want to say thank you very much to my LJ Addicts who have supported me endlessly. It has been a GREAT YEAR FOR ME! I must say we have ACHIEVED a lot despite the fact that we were not allowed to perform and the lockdown!”

“We started the year with one of your favourite songs, Goodnight with rick manmanrick To A-Z ..To Feeling with iamgrenadeofficial To Banange with ykee benda and the love for all was Massive  We closed the year with Kapeesa that is still trending on charts.”

“I am one Female Artist this year with over 4 BIG songs , some people may act blind to admitting this and not recognizing the efforts but regardless your love my fans always keeps me going
To the Djs, presenters, bloggers and all those who supported me, thank you very much I have been seeing most of y’all talking abt my songs and naming me your Best Female Artist of the year.”

“To the small team, I work with, thank you all. Your efforts are much appreciated
I am prepared to give you the very best of LJ come 2022… Happy New Year LJ Addicts, Lovers and Supporters.”

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