Lydia Jazmine bounces Crysto Panda’s love pleas

Gather here brothers and sisters and let’s console a fellow ‘rejectee.’ I’m sure each one of you has been rejected at one point in their lives and surely knows how painful it is especially in public.

Singer Crysto Panda was showed that his popularity is nothing after he got rejected by songstress Lydia Jazmine flat out.

He should have probably known his levels before trying to conquer what has failed many men out there before him.

Panda while in the Galaxy FM studios asked Jazmine to be his Valentines date after she revealed that she’s single.

The Masukka singer turned the Balumye singer down which saw him coil his tail between his legs back to the corner of the Galaxy FM studio.

The gorgeous Jazmine in order to make Panda feel bad said that she will be performing for her fans on Valentines day.

Jazmine also advised Panda to stay away from celebs because they will give him strong and unnecessary headaches.

For her case, she revealed that she’s single by choice.

If she ever feels like she needs a relationship, she will get one but for now, she’s single and contented.

Jazmine has been linked to several men especially in the music industry such as Fik Fameica, Eddy Kenzo, Grenade Official, Rabadaba among others.

For Panda, he should start getting used to rejections, he was some time ago denied a collabo by dancehall singer Cindy.

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