Lwasa’s full video eating ‘ebbakuli’


The internet has been thrown in disarray in regards to a video allegedly belonging to Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa. This video is not just an ordinary one but a mature s3x tape of the don feasting on raw beans.

He can be seen eating and licking the soup while teasing the bean with his tongue. This sends chills and the slay queen starts whispering, groaning and moaning in pleasure.

When this pot bellied man pulled his c0ck, it was here that netizens concluded that it’s Lwasa as his ka one inch pencil stood up. But as they say despite the size of the pen, it can write in every book.

This Lwasalike figure indeed is a neighbor to the Basheshe since Masaka is close to Mbarara as he pulls out their style of k@chabali which he employs on this slay queen. He beats all her waters making them splash all over the bedsheets.

Below is the said video.

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