Lwasa vows to jail Wisdom Kaye for mocking his finger tip cassava

Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has vowed to imprison everyone who has been making fun of him over his ‘ka small thing’

The tycoon said that however it’s “the boy with a big head and big moth” he will jail first referring to Wisdom Kaye.

Lwasa added that many people have been insulting him over having a small animal but he will take them to court and they reveal where and how they saw it.

“I’m going to sue every fool that has been insulting me. But first I want to jail that dog with a big head and big mouth called Wisdom Kaye. He has been insulting me countlessly about my small manhood yet I don’t even know him. I want him to tell me how he saw it,” Lwasa said.

It should be recalled that Lwasa became the talk of town a while back after his nude videos leaked online.

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These left people shocked and numb as they couldn’t imagine what they had seen in the video.

The 50+ year old Lwasa had an animal as small as an infants.

Lwasa however denied being the person in the video saying it was doctored to extort money from him.

People were not convinced however questioning him how he satisfies the numerous women he’s been running after.

His followers on social media reminded him that if he takes Wisdom to court he will have to parade it to clarify that it wasn’t him.

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