Lwasa Shockingly Exposes Diana Nabatanzi

Lwasa Emmanuel video spills all Dianah Nabatanzi

They say it’s really hard to move on from someone you have ever truly loved. Masaka-based tycoon is simply making this saying seem true. Lwasa popularly known as Omugaga Least a few months back broke up with secret girlfriend BBS TV presenter Diana Nabaatanzi.

The two dominated headlines for quite a while such as Nabatanzi’s behavior of detoothing the rich man. This involved rumors of Least bonking Nabatanzi tubeless but she failed to get pregnant.

Lwasa also went ahead to buy Nabatanzi a brand new Pajero car for her natural endowment.

The rumors greatly affected Nabatanzi who took a break off from her TV role and the limelight in general.

In the meantime, Least moved on from Nabatanzi and got introduced by new lover in a glamorous ceremony.

Lwasa though seems like he’s still stuck with his ex-lover Nabtanzi in his thoughts and can’t move on.

The tycoon who likes being in the limelight yesterday posted a video of him and Nabatanzi as they were marching to one of the lavish hotel rooms.

It’s not known what they were going to do but it’s highly guessed that it was one of their sexcapadea that Lwasa usually took Nabatanzi for crucifixion. He went ahead to caption the video calling himself for harvesting Diana.

“NANGE NDI MUZIRA!!!!! As I took my best friend Diana for a business trip worth millions but couldn’t afford to have with me a selfie worth nothing. ABASAJJA TUGUMA Naye buli musajja yigira ku nze abawala ba Kampala misege. MBU TOKWATA VIDEO.” Least captioned.

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Lwasa while appearing in a Spark TV interview on Livewire was asked he posted the video. He went on to say what he did was to help fellow men that might fall prey to the sexy and curvaceous TV presenter.

Lwasa added that Nabatanzi is the ordinary slay queen that depends on detoothing men until they run dry.

“I was just reminding myself about things that have happened to me in the past and I wondered if it was some sort of witchcraft.
As I scrolled down in my phone gallery, I landed on Nabatanzi’s clip and remembered that we once made out. There was no much fuss but I would like to send out a message to my fellow men to avoid her if they want to save some money”.Lwasa said.

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