Loan Scheme Beneficiaries: Gov’t should also consider us for employment

The higher education loan scheme beneficiaries have asked the gov’t to consider them for its employment opportunities.

The beneficiaries who finished campus last year met at Kyambogo University with the Officials from the Higher Education Students’ Financing Board (HESFB). This was due to fill in forms of committing to pay back the loan scheme funds.

Talking to this website, the beneficiaries claim that the government doesn’t care whether you are employed or not. “what they want is their money paid back” they added.

Loan scheme beneficiary during a briefing at Kyambogo University students’ canteen

When asked what the government should do to simplify the process of paying back the loan. “The government should consider when it comes to employment for us to be able to pay the money”, the beneficiary said.

“Of recent, the government advertised for jobs in the government-aided programs in schools. Most of my teachers on loan scheme applied but no one has gone through. The government would consider us first to be able to pay back the loan,” the beneficiary added.

“I did Bachelors in Information Technology from Ndejje University on loan scheme. In addition, finished last and I was given a gross period of a year after campus to pay back. Therefore, filling in the loan commitment form brings me here,” another beneficiary said.

“The gross period is ending in October and I have to start paying back their money but [I am not employeed].” He added.

Asked whether there’s a way out to hesitate or dodge paying back this money, he said NO. They have all our personal information and we were told even if you move abroad they can track you down.

!If there are any employment opportunities in the government, the first priorities are the loan scheme beneficiaries. This is because if we have employment, it becomes easy for the government to collect back its money. ” He added.

The beneficiaries commended the government for the good work it’s doing done to support students from poor families. For example, to attain education in the institutions of higher learning. Therefore they asked the HESFB to continue with this program.

HESFB official helping loan scheme beneficiary to fill in a commitment form

The government should consider loan beneficiaries for employment because they can’t pay this money back if they are jobless.

“We are organizing to form an umbrella, involve top government officials ad concerned government bodies for us to be able to raise our fund. We hope to call for the press conference soon.” They said in the joint voice.

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