Like Father Like Son- Solomon Kampala Caught With Marijuana On School Campus

There is no absolute doubt that Solomon Ssekayi Kampala took after his father Bobi Wine in most aspects.

However what’s shocking is that the Ghetro first son has also taken over the love of the ‘Mary Jane’ plant after his father.

According to the latest news, Solomon was nabbed red-handed with Marijuana stashed in cigarette sticks at the school campus.

This was at the school campus, St Mary’s Kisubi. Things went loose for Bobi Wine’s son after tie school authorities swept the students dormitories unexpectedly.

It was then that Kampala was discovered to have brought a whole lot of Colombia, Jamaica and Mexico in his suit case to school.

This saw him earn a suspension of two weeks from school on the 1st of February 2022.

The suspension was confirmed by the school’s head teacher, brother Deodati Aliganyira.

“He (Sekayi) was caught with marijuana substance wrapped in papers like cigarette sticks and a lighter in his suitcase.”

“He was involved in acts of indiscipline incompatible with his status as a student of this college as a routine search” hence the suspension.
“Kyagulanyi Sekayi Solomon is therefore suspended from the college for two weeks with effect from Tuesday, 1st February 2022, basing the resolution to zero tolerance for indiscipline.” a circular that suspended him read.

A relative also confirmed the suspension saying “On February 1, Sekayi was sent on suspension and was at his home with his parents for those two weeks.”

“It’s true, that case was handled and we gave the boy (Sekayi), the last warning,” said Aliganyira.
He was found with drugs wrapped in papers like cigarettes and a lighter. He was suspended. That’s where we stopped,” brother Deodati Aliganyira confirmed the suspension.

Its also said that his parents BobiWine and Barbie reported back to school with him on the 15th of February.

These were made to reread the school rules and regulations which they signed together with him.

They were also told that this was his last chance and the next time he will be expelled indefinitely.

“This will serve as his last warning: should your son be involved in any form of indiscipline after the last warning, there will be no other alternative but only to go on indefinite suspension,” the school’s letter to Robert Kyagulanyi and Barbie Kyagulanyi reads in part.

According to a reliable source, this is not the first time that Kampala is being expelled from school over possession of Marijuana, the same was done to him in 2018.

He however seems to already be addicted to the plant.

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