Leave Bobi Wine’s new car – Aunt Kaduuka stings pastor Bugingo

Leave Bobi Wine’s new car - Aunt Kaduuka stings pastor Bugingo

Hello our followers, news-making social media in-laws restless is for pastor Bugingo after his verbal attack on Bobi wine’s new armored land cruiser v8. Aunt Kaduuka has taken no chill and attacked pastor Bugingo for his verbal attack on Bobi Wine’s new car.

The Peoples’ pastor from House of prayer ministries this afternoon spilled bitter secrets of how NUP’s former presidential candidate Bobi Wine acquired his armored land cruiser v8 from president Museveni…

According to pastor Bugingo, he says that Bobi Wine’s car was a gift from President Museveni, therefore, he is just ridding on the ignorance of his supporters…

He also said that there is no way an armored car can get cleared by URA without the government knowing about it… Hmm, however this pissed of Bobi Wine’s supporters across different social media platforms… One of them is Aunt Kaduuka Clowie who has come out this evening and released a quick reply to pastor Bugingo…

According to Aunt Kaduuka, she reveals that pastor Bugingo is a conman who just steals money from his followers… She also said that he [pastor Bugingo] also sleeps with his followers after deceiving them that he will enable them to see heaven…

Aunt Kaduuka also passed on a bitter warning to pastor Bugingo to stay away from Bobi Wine because he is far better than him… In addition, Bobi Wine is an inspiration to millions of Ugandans out there, therefore, she won’t accept a mere conman to insult Bobi Wine.

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