Kyambogo: Remain calm and avoid hooliganism, Prof. Eli Katunguka to students


The Vice-Chancellor of Kyambogo University Prof. Eli Katunguka has on Friday 4 October 2019 addressed a press conference at Kyambogo about the on-going political scandals in the prominent institution.

This comes after the Student Guild Cabinet moved a motion to impeach their Guild President Mr. Tundulu Jonathan on matters of abandoning his roles and resorting to national politics, being hostile, selfish and abusing the ministers and GRCs.

According to the press release, the motion held on 2 October 2019, ended with 97 votes, 4 votes against, 2 votes invalid, while 6 members abstained from the voting process.

Immediately after the approval of the vote of no confidence, the Guild President’s team run riot destroying the university property and security interceded quickly and pacified the situation.

The continuous disruption of lectures and the University programme has since been happening though the situation is getting calm.

Therefore, the vice Chancellor calls upon the entire students’ fraternity to remain calm, focus on studies and avoid all manners of hooliganism which can cause them anonymous trouble.

“The police is on a look-out and will arrest anyone disrupting the peace of others who want to study and disciplinary processing will be instituted against anyone found culpable.” He noted.

The decision to impeach Tundulu was sought after him calling for a cabinet meeting on 25 September 2019 and he didn’t turn up.

On the same day, in the afternoon of the GRCs’ meeting, he was seriously quizzed for instituting a “vetting committee” to assess the ministers’ performance. Tundulu angrily moved out of the meeting before it ended.

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This, in addition to other misconducts, forced the cabinet to move a motion of a vote of no confidence on 26 September 2019 to impeach him.

However, when he learnt about it, he quickly declared a bloody week, meaning striking which actually didn’t happen on Monday, 30 September 2019 till the voting day in the evening.

Tundulu is the 16th Kyambogo Guild President who has in the history of the University faced a vote of no confidence.

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