Kyambogo provides temperature guns, sanitizers as the University re-opens, finalists cautioned on COVID

Kyambogo University Vice-Chancellor Professor Eli Katunguka

Kyambogo university students have been given more caution on coronavirus as the university reopened for the final year students during the Vice Chancellor’s address to students on reopening.

Kyambogo University re-opened for final year students on Saturday, 17th October 2020 after the President of Uganda confirmed the decision to re-open the academic institutions for only the finalists.

The re-opening also applies to its two study centers in Soroti and Bushenyi.

While addressing the students virtually using the university platforms, the University the Vice-Chancellor, Eli Katunguka re-emphasized the ministry of Health Covid-19 guidelines such as social distancing, avoiding crowds, hand washing, sanitizing and wearing face masks.

He also noted that the university has provided temperature guns, hand washing facilities and sanitizers at the various points at the campus premises.

One of the newly installed hand-washing facility in front the administration block, the same has been done at all the key university places including gates.

Should you have flu-like symptoms, Katunguka says one should not come to the university.

“Should you also have difficulty in breathing or high temperatures or persistent cough, subject yourself to further examination,” he added.

Cyclone Times has also learnt that all the university gates are manned by the security officers who must check every person’s temperature and guide them to wash their hands before entering.

Regarding the student accommodation, Ms Tibananuka Mildred, the university Dean of students said that the hostel owners agreed to operate at half capacity, fumigate the hostels, restrict entry to only members of the hostel and install hand sanitizers.

“We also agreed that the hostel owners should enforce the wearing of masks,” She said.

Based on enrolled figures for Semester I 2019/2020, Kyambogo expects 11,943 final year students to come and complete their final semester II

Analyzing the most trending reactions, most of the students are worried about finalists with pending retakes and final research and projects.

Emerging reactions

Ronard Shabomwe  Thank you VC, we need to know how the University shall intervene in an issue of hostels hiking rent fees yet students have few weeks here.

Mark Victor  is there any arrangements for those students having retakes and about continuing students and will commuting students be allowed sserubiri anthony.

Bridget Gashaa Thanks for the address, but for evening students why doesn’t the university move afternoon classes to the weekend at least for students working to get a chance to attend classes too.

BK Davis  Good afternoon here, what’s the plan for those that where going to do their retakes of the previous years in this 3rd semester,and also what’s the plan for final year research.

Ivan Bakojja Thanks very much VC, there are people who are supposed to do their retakes in this semester how are you going to handle this.

Nabaasa Mercy With due respect, ensure that all transcripts are ready to be picked, it’s now close to a year! Think about us who graduated last year.

Vybz RealityMc Raphael  Please madam dean let us know those hostels that agreed to students paying only utilities and what amount did they agree on issues of utilities you as an administrator should just set a fee that each student in a hostel should pay, please.

Teaching scheduled to commence on Monday 19th October 2020 for four weeks until Friday, 13th November 2020, after which examinations will be administered for a period of two weeks beginning on 16th – 29th November 2020.

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