Kyagulanyi accuses Museveni’s government of being driven by Nepotism

Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi-bobi-wine Presidential Candidate 2021

National Unity Platform party President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has said that President Museveni’s government is greatly infiltrated with nepotism.

According to him, the criteria upon which President Museveni’s regime has always based while appointing citizens to public offices is highly nepotistic as it favours one small group over others.

Kyagulanyi’s remarks came shortly after President Museveni made a remark is which he said he shall employ only children from wealthy backgrounds so that he can cut down on the rates of corruption in the country.

In reaction to this, Kyagulanyi said Museveni’s statement only confirms an already known fact among the public as he went on to say that this has been the situation in the country for such a long time.

“Museveni has for long personalised our country and runs it as though it were his personal home or property. Out of public resources, Gen. Museveni and his inner circle have built a private empire to enrich themselves at the expense of ordinary citizens, the vast majority of whom are poor,” said Kyagulangi.

NUP President went on to say the rich children that President Museveni aims at employing come from wealthy familes that made their way to prominence through corruption and opportunities that the rest of the citizens were denied.

“He feigns ignorance about the fact that corruption is rampant today largely because of his leadership’s policy of patting the back of government officials implicated in corruption scandals. After all, it is usually his relatives and associates implicated as we saw in the 1997 junk choppers’ saga,” he criticized.

Additionally, Kyagulanyi alleges that President Museveni has personalized the army and he has been using it to torture fishermen on grounds that he (President Museveni) alongside his close business associates own the fishing business.

“His relatives are running a monopoly of sorts in the most profitable businesses. They have amassed wealth, grabbed poor people’s land, and are now in an advanced stage of establishing an empire,”he accused.

Kyagulanyi went on to spit venom as he said many of the ministries are in the hands of Museveni’s inner circles and he also pointed fingers at the president for allegedly bribing NUP supporters into NRM in exchange for material gain.

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“Our task is not yet complete. Gen. Museveni’s statements spell doom for our nation. The poor people who are the vast majority must rise up and defend themselves from a small, unpopular clique that is overfed and wealthy at the expense of all citizens.”

Concluded the musician that turned into a politician and has since criticized President Musevenis’ regime.

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