Kenzo’s new relationship with girlfriend will end up in tears- Mama Fiina

If you don’t live in Uganda then you really miss so much, it’s only in the Pearl of Africa where a celebrity has to live a life by people’s opinions.

Whatever these people in the limelight do, it will always be questioned by people who follow them.

The latest talk of town is Eddy Kenzo’s new girlfriend who he everyone has decided to have an opinion about.

Some of these are opinions are laced with humor while others are serious.

The latest to air an opinion about this new born relationship is traditional healer Sylvia Namutebi popularly known as Mama Fiina.

She said that Kenzo should not have opted for someone in the limelight like him.

He would have instead gone deep to Masaka and searched for a village girl who the media won’t be running after all the time.

“Kenzo should not marry a celeb. It is a very bad idea because people see both of you all the time. He should go to Masaka and search among those girls who have gone through the senga mentorship and counseling.

A girl he will get from the village will be patient and ready to be a wife so that when he goes to America to perform , he can live her here to go run his errands. When he returns from his overseas errands, he will find the girl waiting for him and she will give him good treatment. These celebrities do not settle.” Mama Fina said.

It should be noted that Eddy Kenzo was in the past married to Rema.

Unfortunately, the relationship ended in tears after Rema was snatched by her gynecologist, Dr Hamza Ssebunya.

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