Kenzo’s fan petitions Supreme Mufti to drive Muzaata to apologize

Kenzo’s fan petitions Supreme Mufti to drive Muzaata to apologize. A man professing to be a fanatic of artist Edirisa Musuuza, otherwise called Eddy Kenzo has kept in touch with the Supreme Mufti requesting that he powers the Kibuli group representative, Sheik Nuuhu Muzaata apologizes to the artist.

While talking at Rema Namakula’s private visit(Kukyala) work half a month prior. However, Muzaata told him to go and wed his dead mother, he also accused Kenzo of acts of gay.

The Last word from Kenzo to Rema Namakula

In a letter dated October 16, a man distinguishing himself as Shafiq portrays himself as an agent of the Kenzo supporters. He needs the Supreme Mufti Sheik Kasule Ndirangwa to drive Muzaata to withdraw his announcement publically.

“The words utilized by Sheik Muzaata dishonestly ensnare adolescents as gay individuals who by character wear studs. By Muzaata asking Kenzo to wed his late mother slights the estimations of Buganda culture. However, the best affront to mankind at any point experienced,” Shafiq composes.

Kenzo’s fan additionally takes note of that the Kibuli Muslim organization representative has on numerous events mocked individuals from people. Therefore, in general, a thing he says if not halted would affect the picture of the nation on the loose.

“Muzaata’s choice to undermine characters like Eddy Kenzo has expansive results of impelling viciousness as of now. Through various fans responding by organizing quiet exhibits and police should pick enthusiasm for the issue.”

“As pioneers, should not be involved with such by keeping quiet when one of your own is tossing affronts at individuals. Kenzo’s fan petitions Supreme Mufti to drive Muzaata to apologize

In the letter presented to the inter-strict gathering, Muzaata, Shaban Mubajje, the Mufti of Uganda and police.

Since gossipy tidbits about the relationship between Rema Namakula and his new darling Hamza Ssebunya began flowing. It has not been ruddy for Kenzo who was derided by individuals for overlooking her, provoking Rema to snare another catch.

Half a month, online life went inundated with photographs of Rema with her new sweetheart. However, the two held a private visit to Namakula’s folks, a motion that disappointed Kenzo.

On Tuesday, Kenzo asserted a few people in government that he named as the mafia is behind his misfortunes for instance.

“These individuals need to slaughter me so we can arrive at 2021 when I can’t utter a word. However, people block my music not to aired on different stations through payments,” Kenzo said.

Following an effective private visit to Rema Namkula’s folks two weeks prior. In conclusion, on November 14th, 2019, Hamza Ssebunya will be introduced at Rema’s folks’ home someplace in Masaka.

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