Kengazi Gloria, LDC Student’s Sugar Daddy Releases Part 2

LDC Student Kengazi Gloria Leaves men salivating in new Video Clip

Social media networks have been turned upside-down for the past 3 days after dirty videos of 3 students rocked their waves… To stick to this one specifically, Kengazi Gloria an LDC student released her clip yesterday making it rubbish the MUBS’ Paula and KITENDE videos. Additionally, these had gone viral meaning even those in remote areas had a glance at their video while showing social media in-laws what their MAMAs gave them.

Well, social media in-laws have been asking theselves the person behind the release of these videos… Well, according to our news sources, a sugar daddy who has been chewing Kengazi Gloria from left, right, and center has released the video clip… Additionally he did this after Gloria turned down a proposal to marry him… However, some sources allege that someone stole Gloria’s phone thus releasing all her dirty content out there…

Question? Why do you think many girls are releasing their dirty stuff out there on the internet? You can comment in the comment section below. Also we strongly urge you to follow our social media platforms for the latest celebrity gossip and entertainment news.

Well, we shall not upload the video here because we value and respect our readers since we write for all ages.

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