KCCA, National Water knock heads over roles

Yesterday, a one Sylas Atwooki Ruhweza’s twitter timeline saw two public service providers denying their roles but to accuse each other over sewage issues in Kikoni a Kampala suburb.

Ruhwezi, an environmentalist and a resident of Kikoni Makerere, brought to attention of Kampala Capital City Authority –KCCA and National Water and Sewerage Cooperation- NWSC the irresponsible sewerage channeled by hostels which is health threatening to nearby communities.

He said that hostels like Olympia, Makerere International Students Hostel and others channel sewage

“Please save us from sewerage of hostels in Kikoni which is just channeled to nearby trench. They do it using small pumps! Hostels especially Olympia hostel, Castle vile hostel and Makerere international student’s hostel all pour in the same trench” Ruhwezi twitted tagging KCCAUG and NWSC

“Please which ever authorities come to our rescue. The sewerage even affects the nearby community surrounding these hostels. This kind of waste disposal is not to standard for city,” he added.

However, the two institutions replied to the post denying the responsibility but advising Ruhweza to try the other.

“Good morning, Sylas [Ruhweza], please tweet all sewerage related queries to National Water and Sewerage cooperation. They are mandated to handle sewerage in the city,” KCCA replied to queries brought to them.

Few minutes after KCCA had accused NWSC of being responsible for the sewerage issues raised by Ruhweza, the water body also denied responsibility saying it is mandated to KCCA.

“Dear, KKCAUG, NWSC is mandated to handle piped sewerage systems. The issues in Kikoni are public health related concerns. (Issues of sewerage discharge to public. Under your mandate) please visit, access the situation and help,” NWSC responded.

The public jumped on the conversation and accused KCCA officials of ignoring solving crucial problems in city and major in arresting street hustlers.

For the past 1 month stinking sewage has been leaking from Hostels in Kikoni affecting the nearby communities.

KCCA is a is mandated under KCCA act 2010 section 1(i)  and (3) to construct and maintain major drains within its jurisdictions as well as overseeing health and environment matters in the capital city respectively.

NWSC is a public utility Company established to equitably provide cost effective water and sewerage services in areas entrusted to it on a sound commercial and viable infrastructure development to ensure return investment while conserving the environment.

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