KCCA demands explanations over missing Covid-19 vaccine doses

KCCA demands explanations over missing Covid-19 vaccine doses.

Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) is investigating circumstances under which Covid-19 vaccines suddenly went missing without a trace.

The vaccines that were entrusted to KCCA were distributed to various health centers within the city, however, it is alleged that the vaccines suddenly went missing which prompted the city council authority to look into the matter.

Initially, Uganda received a total of 964,000 vaccines that were circulated into the population with special interest in priority groups such as teachers, security personnel, health workers, senior citizens and people with serious health condition.

Among the drugs that were meant to circulate in the population, KCCA received 200,000 doses meant to facilitate the priority groups within Kampala. However, among these doses, KCCA cannot account for 21,000 doses.

Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago confirmed this as he said they had indeed received reports indicating some of the vaccines were not accounted for which they informed the Executive Director about so as to dig up the matter.

While the council had it’s second meeting, the Lord Mayor advocated for testing of covid-19 so the population shall be given an opportunity to be in the know of their Covid-19 status whether positive or negative.

Additionally, Lukwago said some of the councillors even tested positive, meaning more and more people keep testing positive so there’s need for strict enforcement of the measures set to fight Covid-19.

Since Kampala is the epicenter of coronavirus disease, the City Executive Secretary John Mary Ssebufu called upon the central government to avail more vaccines to KCCA so as to curb the spread of Covid-19.

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He went on to say that as city leaders, they cannot watch on as the numbers of people dying keep on increasing because of the coronavirus which keeps on growing and affecting more people.

Among the 1,217,352 tested samples for the coronavirus disease, 65,631 have turned out positive while among these 48,649 have recovered and unfortunately 508 have lost their lives to Covid-19.

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