Kaziimba Mugalu Stephen: Church will not tolerate homosexuality

Kaziimba Mugalu Stephen: Church will not tolerate homosexuality. New Church of Uganda Archbishop Stephen Kazimba Mugalu yesterday began his residency in a beautiful function at Namirembe Cathedral in Kampala and made crisp promises never to acknowledge gay relationships in the congregation.

Diocese supervisor Kaziimba said the congregation will keep on underscoring hetero relationships as the long-lasting, restrictive bond between one man and one lady for multiplication as reflected in the Bible.

Kaziimba Mugalu  Stephen: Church will not tolerate homosexuality
Kaziimba Mugalu Stephen

“However, the pattern in the Western world and some Anglican holy places in those settings are constrained. Into doing this, including our mom church of England. Be that as it may, for us in Uganda, with respect to me and my home. We will serve the Lord,” said the prelate not long after accepting the episcopal authority from his forerunner Stanley Ntagali, who resigned at 65 years.

While saying goodbye to the Anglican steadfast of the Church of Uganda at All Saints Church Nakasero a week ago. Archbishop Ntagali, in addition, repeated that the Church would not be threatened into tolerating same-sex relationships.

“We can’t follow the educating of the nonconformists of the West. He revealed to us the Bible is the book of the past and that men can wed men, and ladies can wed ladies. We are disapproving of that liberal instructing. We have disapproved of same-sex marriage and we will keep on saying that until Jesus returns,” Dr. Ntagali said a week ago.

His successor Archbishop Kaziimba, on the principal day of his episcopal help yesterday, said the Church includes various weights inside Uganda. For example, polygamy, early relationships and aggressive behavior at home which undermine God’s arrangement for blessed relationships.

“There is even interbreeding and Beastiality. These are not God’s ways. I welcome individuals who are living together to put their marriage directly before God. By making marriage pledges and putting on wedding bands for instance. These are not Satanic as some shocking instructors put it, they are, similarly, God’s way,” he said.

Diocese supervisor Kaziimba additionally pledged never to acknowledge or bolster fetus removal as a strategy. For contraception and requested that the Anglican unwavering advance life as opposed to pulverize it.

On issues of regenerative wellbeing, the prelate saw that the projects just spotlight instructing and engaging. The young lady youngster, however, ignored the kid which has adversely affected them and society.

“When you visit our houses of worship, particularly in country zones, where are the men? Most of the individuals in the congregation are ladies and youngsters. As a dad for four young men, I have discovered that when young men are satisfactory preparation. Mentorship, and teaching they can become mindful residents,” he said.

He censured the continuous political savagery and different types of brutal wrongdoing and killings. In the public arena and called for amicability as the nation heads to the 2021 General Election. Kaziimba Mugalu Stephen: Church will not tolerate homosexuality.

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“We ought to have a listening ear, be peacemakers, forgivers, and advertisers of exchange. We ought to have an affection for each other paying little heed to our clan, family, ideological groups. Or strict alliance, particularly as we approach races,” the new diocese supervisor said.

Ecclesiastical overseer Kaziimba’s enthronement driven by the Dean of the Province of the Church of Uganda Bishop, Jackson Nzerebende. Of South Rwenzori Diocese and saw by the occupant and resigned priests. Ecclesiastical overseers from other Anglican and non-Anglican territories, among them, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Primate of All England. Justin Welby and Bishop Henry Luke Orombi, the seventh ecclesiastical overseer of the Anglican Church in Uganda for instance.

Visitor evangelist Archbishop Foley Beach from North America portrayed Archbishop Kaziimba’s enthronement as a memorable event. And praised the Church of Uganda for its dedication to the good news of Jesus Christ.

“You have been a brilliant light for the world. You said no to defying the expression of God. Therefore, you disapproved of unethical behavior, many wish their pioneers would resemble you. Thank you for your strength and your model,” Archbishop Beach told the assembly. Kaziimba Mugalu Stephen: Church will not tolerate homosexuality.

He asked Archbishop Kaziimba to show love, however, mind and consistent penance for the group.

“As pioneers, we need to go to the individuals, care for them, love them, and help them. Offer everything with them. Therefore, we are to be workers, do equity. My sibling Stephen, this is the thing that we are called to do…sacrificial, undaunted love. Your test is to stay focused on God’s guarantee and be ardent,” said Archbishop Beach. He is likewise the director of the Gafcon Primates’ Council.

Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister (Katikkiro) Charles Peter Mayiga invited Dr. Kaziimba’s enthronement. The ecclesiastical overseer of Uganda is a major obligation, however, it included that he satisfies it with duty and care for individuals.

“Your office accompanies a huge position. We ask that you will utilize it to upgrade harmony and amicability,” said Mr. Mayiga. It conveyed Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s blessing to the prelate.

President Museveni lauded previous Archbishops Ntagali and Orombi for building the Church House. And another framework to produce salary for the congregation for instance.

He lauded the Church of Uganda for bringing new life which requires unlimited absolution and love that made a change. In other words, in the public arena from the customary framework which depended on retribution.

“We should impact individuals with praiseworthy living. We contradicted clashes of individuals battling for the benefit of God and made the Inter-strict Council. Since when we have individuals battling and slaughtering others. He thinks it is crafted by the villain,” President Museveni said.

In conclusion, he gave a vehicle to Archbishop Kaziimba.

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