Kampala was not smoking weed but tasting his iPhone Snapchat filter

Barbara Kyagulanyi has come out to clarify on the video of son allegedly smoking weed/shisha. Over the weekend a video made it’s way to social media of the ‘first ghetto son’ allegedly smoking shisha.

This video of four seconds was recorded by Solomon Kampala who presumably went ahead to share it. In the video, the teenager is seen puffing smoke out of his nose and mouth.

This sparked a debate of different reactions from social media users. Some criticized the Kyagulanyi family for failure to protect their kids from such vices.

These went ahead to tear through the family questioning how the family could lead the nation if they can’t groom their own children.

Others however jumped to the defence of Bobi Wine’s son saying he was free to do whatever he pleased with his life. These maintained that being a child of a high profile politician does not rip away your personal life. These added that those judging the young man had also gone through a turbulent phase while growing up.

Barbie has now come out to clarify on the video making rounds of his son smoking herb. The ghetto first lady said this is not shisha or weed as allegedly being circulated but rahter a new iPhone Snapchat filter.

“I have seen a lot of people talk about Solomon smoking shisha but that is not true. He was just tasting his Iphone filter,” Barbie stated.” Barbie said.

However most people were not contented with this explanation citing how they have never seen this Snapchat filter.

It’s not clear whether Barbie’s explanation is true or she’s trying to exonerate her son from any wrong doing.

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