Kampala sun and Tina Fierce have 48 hrs to apologize – Sheila G warns

Kampala Sun and Tina Fierce

Trouled and depressed Sheilah C Gashumba has threatened to expose Kampala Sun and Tina Fierce. In addition, for tarnishing her name she has worked for from day one because of money.

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The Kampala sun is an online newspaper that gives the latest news on Ugandan Celebrities and in Entertainment. In addition, it covers all the latest news updates in sports and other social events happening in Kampala, in and around Uganda. She took it to her social media handles…

“Kampala sun and Tina Fierce have 48 hrs to apologize or else I will spend the entire week exposing how you have successfully managed to tarnish my name because of money!! You have made me have sleepless nights, gone into depression!! You have also successfully managed to change the minds of people on the internet about who I am!!
I have never attacked any of you but you have made it a meal to tarnish, demean and abuse me and my family on your TV show sqoop and sqoop and your newspaper Kampala sun.

I will put out more evidence of how you have tarnished soo many celebrities in Uganda but the question is, what do you gain? Is it worth it?

Sheilah Gashumba on Kampala Sun
Sheila Gashumba

The president imposed the OTT on social media but we still have a government-owned company attacking public figures every single day, telling lies, spreading hate, abusing public figures kids, and families!! Is this the country that the President wants to see!! Where people who have contributed a lot in the industry get attacked and nothing happens!!!,” Sheila Gashumba posted.

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