Kadaga & Salaamu Musumba Chicken Fight continues even after elections

Kadaga & Salaamu Musumba Chicken Fight continues even after elections

Defeated Forum for Democratic Change flag bearer for Woman Member of Parliament, Salaamu Musumba has attacked Woman Member of Parliament elect Rebecca Kadaga for continuously dodging her service of the election petition as necessitated by the law.

In the woman Member of Parliament race between Salaamu Musumba and Rebecca Kadaga, Rebecca Kadaga was announced victorious which her opponent refuted and immediately filed for a petition against the announced results.

However, while addressing media today outside the court house, the former legislator accused Rebecca Kadaga of continuously dodging the reception of her file which has delayed the entire court proceedings.

Salaamu Musumba further points fingers at the Jinja High Court and alleges they are biased and acting in opposition to what is expected of them by their code of conduct.

Since the Jinja High Court is playing mind games with Salaamu Musumba, she decided to write a letter to the Principal Judge expressing her query and in home of attaining the long needed justice.

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Announced victor, Rebecca Kadaga’s legal representatives John Mary Mugisha and Emma Opio appealed to the court to drop Salaamu Musumba’s case as it has out lived it’s life span.

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