Kaberamaido LC III calls upon UWA to help with crocodiles

Kaberamaido LC III calls upon UWA to help with crocodiles

Kaberamaido district LC III Isaac Engwau Okello has called upon Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to intervene in the issue of crocodiles.

Due to the increasing risk posed by crocodiles on the showers of Lake Kyoka, the LC could not help but call upon higher authorities such as Uganda Wildlife Authority to help with the situation.

His concerns stem from the fact that one of the members of Asana village Okelle has alleged lost his life after he was attacked by a crocodile while he was fishing in the company of two of his friends.

The crocodile dragged him into water which prompted his friends to run and inform the victim’s parents of the tragic events that had transpired during their fishing venture at the lake shores.

In a bid to recover the remains of the deceased, the locals went an extra mile to row their boats into the deadly waters, cast seine nets to try and recover the body but this search was not fruitful.

However, despite all their endeavors, they were not in position to recover the body which the chairperson attributes to the fact that the tools that they used were rudimentary and couldn’t help the situation.

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Following these events, the Local Council Chairperson III decided to call upon the wildlife authority in a bid to curb the threat posed by the crocodiles that linger on the shores of the lake and affect the locals.

“When it comes to crocodiles, we need UWA to help. At the moment, we don’t even have a motorized boat or lifejackets to use for aiding the search,” he said while speaking to the media about the incident.

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