Kabale University School Of Medicine Strike Over High Tuition

The latest news coming from Kabale University indicates that over 100 students from the school of medicine have gone on strike to show their disagreements regarding the current high fees structure. The strike comes following the University’s decision to hike both tuition and functional fees something that these students find too high to afford.

It is said that the university charges 2.7 million Shs. as tuition fees and an additional Shs.1M as functional fees which these angry students say it’s unmanageable. Apparently the University administration has failed to come up with a fair amount that can be afforded by the majority students, an act that has provoked the medicine students to stage a protest today morning.

The tuition issue has been a major complaint in Kabale University but the western Uganda based campus has not officially come out to address this matter through its administration/public relations.

It should be recalled that Kabale University had a number of strikes last year over allowances and a couple of students and lecturers were arrested.

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