Kabaka of Buganda warns about diverse impacts of social media misinformation

Kabaka of Buganda

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has warned subjects over the diverse impacts of information shared on social media.

During a virtual conference that was held by various Baganda in diaspora under the theme “The information technology challenge for Buganda,” the Kabaka specifically warned against the tendency of spreading fake information about people on social media.

In Uganda, the vice is fast spreading like the wind itself and even the Kabaka of Buganda himself has not been spared the ruthless lashes of many Social media users.

Recently, humour creeped around every social media platform claiming the Kabaka was critically ill and would die soon while others said he had been poisoned and hence his life would come to a demise soon.

Despite the fact, the Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga came out to explain that Kabaka is nursing an allergy the reason why he had difficulty breathing as noticed by subjects during his birthday, social media only created another web of false information.

This time, they claimed the Kabaka had succumbed to ”whatever” they claim he had been suffering from which brought his life to an untimely death that the kingdom did not expose to the public.

Due to this, the Kabaka’s appearance yesterday was like a bucket of cold water upon the lies and false information that had been shared claiming that he was too ill to face the public eye.

After his birthday, this shall count as his third public appearance following his visit to the market and the day the he received his Covid-19 jab from the Kireka based palace alongside his queen Sylvia Nagginda.

In the past, many people have used social media as a tool to spread false rumour including an apparent lockdown meant to be announced by the president in his last night speech.

But just as usual, it was a baseless rumour without any evidence or truth whatsoever as the President only cautioned Ugandans to watch and maintain the SOPs as the new Covid-19 variant that started in India is very apparent in the country and people ought to watch out

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It is from such situations and many others that the Kabaka of Buganda cautioned the youth majorly who are addicts of social media to use it productively instead of creating rumour that had no truth to it as well as spreading it all over social media platform as it eventually results into misinformation.

In the same light, he advised young people to avoid being part of the party that propagates the information from one social media platform to another especially since it’s false.

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