Justice at last, Dominic Ongwen to be sentenced today

Justice at last, Dominic Ongwen to be sentenced today

A former child soldier who turned into Army Commander for the Lord’s Resistance Army Dominic Ongwen set to be sentenced today.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has informed that they will today pronounce judgment for the offenses committed under the Lord’s Resistance Army by Joseph Kony.

Earlier this year, the 45 year old was found guilty of up to 61 charges among which there’s murder, rape, sexual harassment and enslavement in Northern Uganda under the early 2000s reign of Joseph Kony.

Basing on the submissions made by the leader of Prosecutions Ms. Fatou Bensouda and the head of defense Counsel Krispus Ayena Odongo before the ICC judges on two different occay, the justices under the leadership of Bertram Schmitt decided to write a sentence about the case.

“The Chamber will now retire to deliberate.  It will render the sentence with the reasoning on Thursday, May 6 at 11 o’clock and of course here in the courtroom the summary of the reasoning,” Justice Bertram Schmitt stated.

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In relation to this, the prosecution during the mitigation session requested for at least a 20-year jail sentence for him since he, under the Joseph Kony unrest that lasted for over two decades claimed upto one hundred thousand lives.

Usually, the ICC’s sentences are upto thirty years and in some circumstances, life imprisonment and in rare circumstances a fine is imposed.

Dominic Ongwen was arrested over offenses he committed under the Lord Resistance Army and today, all Ugandans are paying kin attention to what the verdict could be.

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