Just go and act p0rn- Fans advise Pia Pounds


Social media users of singer Pia Pounds have advised her to simply go and act p0rn since her music career seems not to be taking off.

The singer recently released her slay farmer song which has flopped massively. However she has been releasing more nude pictures of herself than music.

This forced some of her fans to advise her to just look for a career in acting pornographic films since music doesn’t seem to be her calling.

“Yo good for porn.”

“Ebyo tubirabye kati music aliwa.”

“You have forced us your new song banaye. But let me assure you we shall see pics like them and still not download the song.”

“The snap is nice in many different countries but not in third world country like Uganda, though I dnt khow oba oyimba biki??”

“Abaana kabamalewo Soap and lotion with u as the motivation. May the games begin.”

“You’re about to get fingered if don’t get serious with yourself.”

Pia Pounds however is not new to nudity. Most of her social media pictures are so revealing a thing that has kept her in the public eye. She’s yet to find another hit song after Tupate.

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